Tell your story your way


Capturing moments is important whether it be holidaying with the family, fun at home or out and about. Here are a few tips from us here at the LC to really turn those memories and happy faces into a story.


Whenever I make pictures I try where I can to shoot in sets; making a set of images out of the one scenario that’s being captured, using 3/4 shots, close ups of details both of your subject and the location. I imagine the potential for an album, a scatter hang or multi frame display… Or that we are making an editorial photo story for Vogue! Joking not joking!


Right so now you’re in the right thinking mode. Imagine you’re doing the editorial spread for Vogue mag, and we’re away!


So with Vogue in mind it brings me to…


Tip 1 -  The Outfits. I always say dress for the occasion and I like to keep it simple. As Chanel said “Before you leave the house look in the mirror and take one thing off.” Consider prints, colour schemes, styles of garments and shoes or no shoes. It may sound super fussy but the clothing in the images makes all the difference to the finish. And most importantly making sure what is being warn is you. There’s nothing worse then that new shoes feeling of the shoes are wearing you!


Tip 2 – The Details. We love making pictures of one another and seeing those smiling faces, but don’t forget the details. Tell your viewer the full story they cannot see the other elements that make that place/ moment special. Show them the jasmine flower you love the scent or the stream with the water trickling over the rocks. Get above and flat style those toys of hysterical colour. Step back and get a picture of the landscape you’re part of.


Tip 3 - Create your own backdrop. Take a moment to look around where you are and notice the details that really talk about where you are. For example in Sicily there are many old empty houses with rustic paint, or old doors or wonderfully traditional graffiti. Signage is also a fun one! Or even as I did this year, wanted to capture the little one with his giant melon, so neo classical seemed to end up the plan!... Propped an old sheet up with a couple of brooms for a backdrop and there we had it!


Tip 4 – Let Go. It’s all very well being a control freak of the elements, but some of the best pictures and moments come out of chaos. Let go and embrace what comes from it, experiment with long exposures or capturing motion, try those under exposed semi silhouetted shots. For me this has always been an easier concept when using film as the shot is made, the film is processed then the print is in hand that shot with unexpected motion blur for example is real. Learn not to delete in camera and look over them with fresh eyes as they may tell more of your story then you expect.