Gareth & Rosie's Wedding


Rosie and I met in a quiet little Cirencester café and discussed wedding plans. The styling was set, barn location, festoon lighting and lots decorations handmade by Rosie and her family. I was given the Pintrest page of inspiration which showed deep blues, greens and pinks with touches of gold for the colour scheme, it all looked just as I would have expected from Rosie, Vintage but not in a cliché way.


On the morning of the wedding we pulled into the drive of the very beautiful Finial House tucked away in Broadwell. We stood outside and looked over the gardens, the mist was still low and the sound of bird song filled the sky.


We wandered in ooing and ahhing at the beautiful interior and were shown up to the room by the lovely Hamish. We entered to find the bridal party all in bed together giggling and reminiscing about the charades of the previous evening.


A coffee was in order! Fortunately Hamish was obliging and we stood around drinking fresh coffee and chatting about his parents beautiful house. Wandering around I fell in love with the widows of the dining room, the dress needed to be shot there. 

Gareth & Rosie _1544.jpg

As makeup and hair were happening I flittered around making pictures, the room in which we were in had a lovely big window and the light was perfect from the bright and cloudy day. Something that was most striking was how calm and stress free the day was. There was a wonderful atmosphere of calm.

The girls all had their hair styled in plats with little flowers weaved in; we took the bridesmaids and the flower girls onto the lawn and made some pictures against the house. The ivy worked so well against the navy dresses, and the flower girls ran around the lawn twirling and collecting daisies like little angels.

When Rosie was finally ready she looked like an old Hollywood movie star, big red lips and her naturally nostalgic look. It was an emotional atmosphere as she opened various little heirlooms her mother had brought her to wear on her dress. They fixed them on and helped Rosie into her dress. We only had moments to shoot as the wedding party was running late for the ceremony. 

Gareth & Rosie _1830.jpg
Gareth & Rosie _1822.jpg

In a whirlwind the wedding car set off.


We were on our way, following behind the bridal party in the car, or what I hoped was the bridal party as this point as there had been so many lanes and turns we did a little panic. Fortunately for me they all got a little lost and on grinding to a halt I could see a bridesmaid hop out of the front car in the rain and gab what I can only assume was a sat nav out the boot!


Within minutes we arrived at Oxlease Barn. Super speedy parking, and running through to capture Rosie walking in with her farther. 


The ceremony was beautiful, taken by one of Gareth’s dear friends in all his medals and finery.


As the newly weds exited the barn doors, the confetti flew the whirlwind began again.


Champagne, laughter and hiding out in the sheltered part of the garden. By this time the rain was oh so heavy. We made some pictures of Rosie and Gareth under the sheltered area. Myself and my assistant under about three umbrellas shooting on the lawn! When I was retouching I noticed that the rainfall were visible in the images.


When it was time sit down for the meal we were seated at the table with some of the guests. It was surreal and wonderful being included in the day that way.


The day was filled with amazing speeches; there were tears laughter and more tears.


The bar opened… Soon followed a line out with the bride (learnt what a line out was!) so much laughter and of course more rain.


Gareth & Rosie _2468.jpg

As the band was setting up we took the bride and groom off in a moment of let up from the rain and took a wander. We captured some beautiful images. The grass was muddy and the rain had picked up again, we took shelter under some trees and made some pictures under the magic green hew set upon us from the wet leaves.


Gareth isn’t one for photos so we didn’t keep him away too long and  captured a Reservoir Dogs style walking shot with him and the groom’s men.

Rosie’s rustic wedding cake was ready for the chop and with nothing less then a silver sword. We were so impressed by the cake, Rosie and myself had had a chat the night before on the phone, she was mid bake with cigarette in hand. It was so perfect. 

The band was ready to my astonishment …… who performed the service was suddenly in check trousers and a clash t shirt playing all the classics!


Dance, drink and be merry… well at least everyone else was. I was in the kitchen under Rosie’s instruction taking a doggie bag of cake and hoping to get a decent night sleep before the impending doom of the triathlon in the morning.


Gareth and Rosie's wedding day was a truly brilliant experience. A beautiful day filled with lovely people. They are so lucky to have so much love around them. We were so honoured to be a part of it and included in it. 


Congratulations to you both. Big love.