Rise of the 'Glamma'

The age of the grandparents, a vision back lit and soft focused adorning pastel knitted cardigan with a tissue in one sleeve and a Werther’s original in the pocket are fading.


Enter the Glamma, and the many names that she may go by. I’ve had many a conversation with my own mother while pregnant and I know others have to. “Call me Gigi,” she says, we settled on ‘Nonna’ what with the Italian heritage.


There are all kinds of new trendy grandma names flying around ‘Cece, G-ma, Glammy, and Yayo’ you probably know or have more of your own! Duchess of Cornwall, says that her grandchildren call her 'GaGa,’ and then there is Sharon Osborne who decided she wanted to aptly be known as Shazza by her granddaughter. But it all began with Goldie Hawn putting it in her book, and thus the Glamma was born.


…And Why not? It adds anther argument, or sorry ‘discussion’, of trying to name another human as well as thinking and agreeing on baby names. Maybe when we reach that age we will understand.


The ‘Glammas’ of today are not like our Grandmothers; they are children of the 60’s the independent woman who went to work and first wore the mini skirt. They are fashionable, on with the latest technology and culture. So much new language has emerged from the new ways in which we interact and communicate. I think the Grandmothers can have their revolution too.  

Goldie Hawn baking cookies with her grandsons.  via @portermagazine 

Goldie Hawn baking cookies with her grandsons.

via @portermagazine