British Institute of Professional Photography 2018 National Awards Shortlisted!!

We are very excited to announce that we have been shortlisted for the BIPP National Awards!


A few months ago we submitted 3 folios to the awards for consideration. The brief was for each submission to have a set of 5 images.


We submitted ‘Get Me To The Church On Time’ which told the story of the bridal preparations from Rosie’s beautiful wedding last summer, ‘Dress Like A Mum’ series featuring Zoe Du Pass, Cara Sutherland, Kate Starkey and Laura Randles, talking about creating your own style and being confident in your skin. The photo shoot took place against the backdrop of the stunning No.38 On The Park. Lastly we submitted a curve ball… We love architecture, shape and finding patterns within the natural world. Exploring minimalism and abstraction, the series titled ‘Berlin’ sadly didn’t make the shortlist.


…Buuuttt two out of three isn’t bad!


The awards ceremony will take place on March 1st 2018 at The Ivy London.


Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me guys!

... Unfortunately the 'Dress like a Mum' portraits are waiting to potentially go to print so I am unable to publish until the print is realised. Can't wait to share them with you! x

The Cotswolds Bride and Groom Show

We welcomed in 2018 with our first wedding exhibition at The Town Hall Cheltenham, The Cotswold Bride and Groom Show.

I set up my table perfecting it until it looked just right. Then I grabbed a coffee and wondered who I was going to be meeting over the next few hours.


Just before the show opened I cast my eye over the other photographers work and went to introduce myself to a couple we chatted, the competitive element I was expecting with the wedding industry wasn't what I thought it would be. It was all wonderful supportive.


The day flew by, spent all day chatting to lovely couples all with vastly different ideas on what there big day would be like. We made a few friends, to name one the ladies at Sugar Bowl Bake who were next to me, my little cake samples went down very well once I got home with a cup of tea I must say!

We will be showing again at The Cotswold Bride and Groom Show in September, pop along to The Town Hall and say hello!


We are showing in the Tate Modern!


As I would do every morning... I get out of bed and hobble bambi like over to my phone where it lives at bed time, on the opposite side of the room from me. No bed time phone for me! Hazy eyed, I do the usual read messages and check all social medias. 

To my surprise a message request form the Tate. YES!! It's 7.30am and I am loving the day. 

This photograph of mine 'Head In The Clouds' is going to be showing a the Tate Modern's Uniqlo Tate Late on 27th October 2017 in the Turbine Hall as part of the Super Flex Community in collaboration with Reggie Yates, along side the Super Flex Studio's 'One Two Three Swing.'

Very excited! 


Happy 15th Birthday Paint it Yourself Pottery!

Happy 15th Birthday Paint it Yourself Pottery!


We had such a wonderful morning celebrating 15 years and creating some of our own designs, and when I say creating, I handed my two-year-old paint brushed and some of my favorite flecked paints and let him go wild. I’m calling it ‘painterly’ it most definitely is too!


As my friend and I sat there with our little ones drinking coffee and making the occasional creative decision the conversation turned to us going and painting there as youngsters and how fondly we remembered it. In fact the milk jugs my sister and I had painted still adorn mums dresser with pride of place. And now the plate my son has created will have pride of place in mine.


It really is wonderful to have a place in Cheltenham that the family can create little heirlooms that will be added to over the generations.


We have a lot of love for PYP, here’s to the next 15!

Rise of the 'Glamma'

The age of the grandparents, a vision back lit and soft focused adorning pastel knitted cardigan with a tissue in one sleeve and a Werther’s original in the pocket are fading.


Enter the Glamma, and the many names that she may go by. I’ve had many a conversation with my own mother while pregnant and I know others have to. “Call me Gigi,” she says, we settled on ‘Nonna’ what with the Italian heritage.


There are all kinds of new trendy grandma names flying around ‘Cece, G-ma, Glammy, and Yayo’ you probably know or have more of your own! Duchess of Cornwall, says that her grandchildren call her 'GaGa,’ and then there is Sharon Osborne who decided she wanted to aptly be known as Shazza by her granddaughter. But it all began with Goldie Hawn putting it in her book, and thus the Glamma was born.


…And Why not? It adds anther argument, or sorry ‘discussion’, of trying to name another human as well as thinking and agreeing on baby names. Maybe when we reach that age we will understand.


The ‘Glammas’ of today are not like our Grandmothers; they are children of the 60’s the independent woman who went to work and first wore the mini skirt. They are fashionable, on with the latest technology and culture. So much new language has emerged from the new ways in which we interact and communicate. I think the Grandmothers can have their revolution too.  

Goldie Hawn baking cookies with her grandsons.  via @portermagazine 

Goldie Hawn baking cookies with her grandsons.

via @portermagazine