Seasonal Treats

At little Cheltenham we like to celebrate the change in seasons, so we offer seasonal treats especially for you... follow The LC Blog and look out for updates on FaceBook or Instagram to be part of our pop ups studio days. 

Our pop up studio days are a fun way to have a keepsake image, mark the change of seasons with a new cover image, send out some holiday cards or make a thoughtful gift for the in laws. 


The Pop Ups Unpacked...

Pop up studio days are a fun, fast paced, social days. 

We have a theme for the set, which we will realise with the booking date.

There will be limited spaces as we will be running the theme over a day, there will be 17 slots available, they are 30mins each so don't be late, come early, have a drink and some cake and chat with our lovely mums and dads. Appointments will be first come first bases so get in early to secure your place. 

There will be a refreshments and cake for all to enjoy, the opportunity to meet and socialise with other mums.

And of course think, styling, styling, styling, to get the most out of your pop up get in touch we are always available for advice on what to wear, what will best complement the set and of course if you have any special accessories to add a little extra sparkle, lets discuss it!

After the shoot you will receive your retouched digital portrait for you to share, print and create with.


£50 per child


Image Copyright
Little Cheltenham retains the copyright on any and all digital materials created by the studio and printed work produced from these digital images. Little Cheltenham reserves the right to use images made at the studio for publication unless the client stipulates otherwise.

Digital Images
When digital images are purchased by the client, only the right to print the image for personal use is included. Copyright continues to be owned by Little Cheltenham. If the images are used for any commercial purposes, then a further fee will be negotiated and paid to Little Cheltneham. Digital enhancement and manipulation are carried out at the discretion of Little Cheltenham. If any special requests are made to enhance a specific image, it is expected that the Client will by buying that image. No work will be carried out on any image until payment has been received in full.